7 Reasons to Move GIS to the GEOPowered Cloud

There’s no question that the Cloud is here to stay and indeed, this thing known as “Web GIS” is for real and when paired with the ArcGIS Online platform, our GEOPowered Cloud environment allows users to create resources (think webmaps and apps) that can reference complex data structures and services that reside in an ArcGIS for Server environment.

reasons to move GIS to the cloud

As the need for more bandwidth, storage, and users increase, you can easily leverage what you need without replacing your existing infrastructure

In the past, when servers stopped working, so did work. Now you can minimize downtime. The Cloud has a simple disaster-recovery plan in place

Your team can utilize the same GIS data from office to field, while edits sync seamlessly through GEO Jobe’s AutoExchange technology.

Everything gets old. With Cloud technology, you’ll never have to worry about resource updates or getting locked into an outdated solution.

In a multi-medium world, you need the ability to work from desktops, phones or tablets. The cloud gives you the freedom to access data from any device.

Get the solutions you want, quickly and easily, without the costs of in-house setup and support.

Pay for what you need, when you need it.

Whether you are leveraging shared or dedicated ArcGIS for Server resources in the GEOPowered Cloud, you are guaranteed the best of Esri’s enterprise GIS products without the cost and overhead of an on-premises deployment. If your organization needs to migrate to the cloud, be sure to get more information on our  GEOPowered Cloud Environment.

geopowered cloud

User Story – FHNGA adopted the full Esri® platform including ArcGIS® for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server, ArcGIS Online, and the Collector for ArcGIS and Explorer for ArcGIS apps. Onto this platform, FHNGA added three GEO Jobe solutions: GEOPowered Cloud (for ArcGIS for Server via software as a services [SaaS]), AutoExchange Cloud Sync, and ArcGIS Online Launch – Read More HERE (PDF)

Learn more about the Vision of The GEOPowered Cloud – An Enterprise GIS Deployment Platform

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