News: Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online V 1.2 now Available in the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace

We’re pleased to announce an update of the popular Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online – enter Admin Tools V 1.2. The latest version of Admin Tools (consistently a TOP app in the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace) gives the ArcGIS Administrator even more functionality and resources to perform their job even better. This update of our popular application in the ArcGIS Marketplace boasts new functionality, tools, user experience enhancements, and a powerful thumbnail generator!

Admin Tools V 1.2

We’ve listened to our global community of users from more than 4,500 user organizations, including “power” users from enterprise facilities, airports, local government, utilities, higher education facilities, and environmental organizations to come up with our changes for Admin Tools 1.2.

With the latest update, we’ve increased the size of some of the tools and added important new features and improvements to search, filter, import, export, and manage your data. Some nice usability enhancements and a new Thumbnail Generator Tool are the icing on the cake!

New in V 1.2

• Thumbnail Generator  – A robust thumbnail generator for bulk creation of custom thumbnails for your items
• Re-index Portal Searches (ArcGIS Portal only) – Forces indexes on portal to assist searches

Other Improvements & Enhancements

• Filter items by date created
• Filter items by owner folder (requires one or more owners to be selected)
• View status of individual items during processing
• Update Webmap Bookmarks – Fixed display issues for bookmark lists
• Move Items – Fixed issues when moving content to a folder
• Copy Items – Fixed issues when moving content to a folder
• Cloning – Fixed incorrect indexes produced by hosted feature services with group layers
• More descriptive notifications when failing to select items, users, or groups
• Import Items/Groups/Users from CSV – Improved validation of CSV file
• Import Items/Groups/Users from CSV – Can update CSV in text area
• Import Items/Groups/Users from CSV – Now supports Tab Separated Values
• Import Users from CSV – Enable/Disable users now works from CSV
• Import Users from CSV – Fixed confirmation dialog not showing all users
• Export Items/Groups/Users to CSV – Fixed download failures in latest Firefox browsers
• Export Users to CSV – Can now export Credits Allowed and Credits Available
• Export Users to CSV – Fixed issue where custom roles show ids instead of role names
• Add Tags to Item – Fixed Add Tag button in Internet Explorer

Thumbnail generator – This powerful tool allows you to apply custom thumbnail templates to as many items as you need!

“Version 1.2 of Admin Tools comes on schedule as we aim to release regular updates as requested by our vast user community. GEO Jobe as a whole has a development goal of more rapid releases across our entire product line; so be on the lookout for some exciting product releases over the next quarter.” – David Hansen, Chief Operating Officer of GEO Jobe GIS Consulting.

Admin tools is designed to result in considerable time savings for users, easily enabling customers of the Professional version to quickly justify the small expense. Admin Tools provides some 60+ tools (90% of these tools are bundled in the Free version) that greatly simplify routine tasks. Admin Tools is available to GIS administrators and other GIS professionals in Free, Pro, and for Portal (enterprise, on-premise) and can be found in the ArcGIS marketplace ( See more at

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