5 things you didn’t know about Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online

As many of you may already know, Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online is a collection of small administrative tools that perform really big actions in ArcGIS Online. With the abundance of these tools and all the possibilities offered it can be a bit overwhelming and can overshadow other tools within the application. I want to take a moment to put the spotlight on a few administrative tools that you may not be aware of or are unsure of their capabilities and explain them in detail. Furthermore, I’ve included video links of the tools in action so that you can see the full power of the tool as well as the application.

Bulk Operations

Adding & Removing Tags
Adding & Removing Tags Video

Most every tool within the Admin Tools console can perform “bulk” administrative operations. Adding/removing tags, moving items, copy items, updating group ownership, sharing items/groups and inviting users to groups are just a few of the many tools that offer their actions in bulk. So, if you find yourself manually performing administrative actions over and over, one by one, then check out Admin Tools and see if there is a tool that can perform the action in bulk.

Update & Reorder Bookmarks

Update Bookmarks
Update Bookmarks Video

Have you ever wanted a new web map to have the same bookmarks as another web map? Or reorder existing bookmarks within a specific web map? Now you can with the Update Web Map Bookmarks tool. This tool gives you complete control over all bookmarks within your ArcGIS Online web maps. You can now easily update, delete, create, reorder & copy bookmarks between multiple web maps keeping things clean and consistent.

Email Members

Is there a way to communicate with all my ArcGIS Online members? We’ve been asked this question many many times. With Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online you can now send an email to one, many or all members within your organization. You can also filter your users based on tags or roles so that you can pair down to only the users you want to notify. We are including the ability to use your own outgoing SMTP server in the upcoming 1.07 release.

Export/Import CSV

Export/Import CSV
Export/Import CSV Video

Not to be confused with importing CSV’s to create feature services and maps. This tool will let you export items, groups and users along with their individual properties to CSV, make changes to that CSV, then import the CSV back into ArcGIS Online where the changes will take affect. This tool puts the power in your hands as you can use Excel’s tools such as find and replace to make changes quickly to thousands of records and import those back into ArcGIS Online. There are so many different ways in which this tool can be used so jump in, give it a try and lets us know how you’re using it.


Clone an organization
Cloning Video

We’re not talking about sheep here, we’re talking about ArcGIS Online content that has taken months or even years to create and configure exactly the way you want it. If you’re managing multiple ArcGIS Online accounts or staging content in one account that will eventually need moved to another account, we’ve got you covered. With Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online you can now clone entire organization accounts, items, groups, or roles from one ArcGIS Online account to another. This is a very very powerful tool. Not only will the operation move the content between two organization accounts it will also rewire the content so that all web maps and apps are instantly ready to use once the operation is performed.

If true ArcGIS Online administrative bliss is what you’re seeking, then you’re going to want these tools – Download the free version here.

Neill Jobe is the Founder & CEO of GEO Jobe. Follow him on Twitter: @neilljobe

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