Admin Tool tips – Bulk Adding Tags in Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online

Our Admin tools for ArcGIS Online has been tremendously popular with ArcGIS Admins all over the World. One of the most popular, time saving capabilities of the Tools is the ability to perform bulk tagging operations on all your items within your ArcGIS Online account (web map, application, feature service, code, vector tile service).


To begin, provision/launch Admin Tools. If you have not yet provisioned your ArcGIS Online account to access the Tools you can get it HERE in the ArcGIS Marketplace.

launch admin tools
launch / provision admin tools

Steps to perform bulk tagging of items:

  • Then, select the Item Tools Option (the 3 building blocks icon to the far left, or the “browse item tools”.
  • Then, to the far right see the heading “Tags” and select the action item “Add tags to items”.
  • Then, select all items you would like to update with the new tags.
  • Click Next then one at a time enter the required Tag and click “Add”.
  • Continue adding more tags as desired.
  • Once finished click NEXT (lower right) and you will be prompted with a list of the items that you are about to perform the Tag option upon.
  • Click “Done” to finish the task.
  • You should then see a message notifying you when the action has been completed.

add bulk tags to items in arcgis online

For additional assistance see this help video:

For more Admin Tool Tips see HERE

Are you having difficulty managing your ArcGIS users? Consider adopting our Admin Tools to be more productive and efficient. The GEO Jobe Knowledge Base is a public, community resource where users and those interested in GEO Jobe’s enterprise solutions, particularly Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online and the geo powered cloud solution, can access help resources, answers to frequently asked questions, articles, support documents, and more via a friendly, easy to use, helpful web site.

Admin Tools provides some 60+ tools (90% of these tools are bundled in the Free version) that greatly simplify routine tasks for ArcGIS administrators.

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