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With a client base of over 1,400 organizations globally (actually, over 3,000 as of Nov 2016!), the Admin Tools product is solidifying its “Most Popular” rating on the ArcGIS Marketplace. Brands such as Esri, BP, Red Bull, Apple, The World Bank and many more trust Admin Tools to streamline administration of Esri’s ArcGIS Online technology. GEO Jobe is excited to announce that these benefits are now available to users of Esri’s Portal for ArcGIS software. Admin Tools for Portal exposes the same suite of administrative tools for ArcGIS Online, but packaged for deployment on your I.T. infrastructure.

The product was designed with your enterprise and your needs in mind.

adminToolsAllResponsiveFlexibility – Using Portal for ArcGIS on-premises doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t use ArcGIS Online too. To support these hybrid environments, each purchase of Admin Tools for Portal comes with one provision of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online (Pro).

Security – The full power of the ArcGIS platform on your infrastructure is in high demand. Rest assured that your portal administration needs will be met as well. Admin Tools for Portal is installed on your web servers that reside on your private network.

Integration – Enterprise integration is a top priority for users, so it is for Admin Tools as well. If not already, full support is coming soon for tight integration with your security configurations, such as enterprise identity stores, single sign-on, LDAP and PKI.

Scalability – As your portal instances scale, so will Admin Tools. Special volume pricing allows you to support your internal administration needs while realizing per-unit cost savings.

Most Portal for ArcGIS users are large organizations that demand the full power of the ArcGIS Platform, but behind their firewall and on their infrastructure. As a result of their size, large amounts of named users and content also generally existing in these environments. These factors are why we’re so excited about this product launch. As content and users grow, so does the value of Admin Tools.  Below are just a few use cases that make ROI a “no brainer” in this space.

ArcGIS Online to Portal Migrations – There are a lot of clients that started using Esri’s Portal technology in the cloud (i.e. ArcGIS Online).  Now that Portal for ArcGIS is more accessible, they’re making the transition to an on-premises implementation.  The process of manually moving content between these environments is very time consuming and thus expensive. With the Clone Items functionality within Admin Tools, your migration timeline went from weeks to days.  Not only do hosted feature services get migrated, but dependencies between items (i.e. App -> Web Map -> Service(s)) are detected and preserved in the target portal.

Item Promotion (Dev -> Test -> Production) – Most large enterprise organizations have multiple Portal instances that provide separation to support development, test and production activities. The challenge is that content created in one environment has to get manually re-created in order to be promoted to the next environment. While this is doable, it’s time consuming and somewhat defeats the purpose of testing a solution and then taking it live.  In essence, you have to re-create the solution in the production environment and hope that hope that everything configured the same as in the test environment. With the Clone Items tool within Admin Tools, solutions are created once, promoted in minutes and user error minimized. Content detection logic ensures that sub-sets of content that already existing in the target portal are honored, not duplicated and ultimately wired-up to the configuration you’re cloning.

Migrating Users – There are various scenarios where administrators need to migrate settings from one named user to another. This could be part of a larger users store migration (built-in -> enterprise) or simply a named user clean-up and standardization process.  Either way, the ability to migrate settings (profile information, owned items, owned groups, group membership) from one named user to another significantly streamlines this process. With the Migrate User tool within Admin Tools, this process takes seconds.

Find/Replace URLs – As we all know, there are changes to back-end architectures that trigger the “domino effect”. Whether you’re migrating servers or re-structuring service layers (i.e. layer index), changes to ArcGIS Server service URLs can cause major problems at the web map level. Currently, this process consists of remembering which web maps have the service references and manually fixing them.  In some cases, the fixing process actually consists of having to essentially re-create the web map, which = No Fun! The Find/Replace Web Map Services URLs tool within Admin Tools performs this operation in seconds, preserving your layer settings (pop-up config, etc.) and saving you A LOT of time.

Admin_Tools_PortalWhile the above use cases are very compelling, the over 40+ tools within the product are designed to be general in nature. This means they adapt to your needs and your scenarios, empowering you to spend less time administering the platform and more time building bad ass solutions that run on top of it. Take control of your enterprise today with Admin Tools for Portal.

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