Admin Tools (Pro) Makes ArcGIS Online Setup Easy

My job just got a whole lot easier. Part of my responsibilities at GEO Jobe is to setup and configure ArcGIS Online for clients.  This used to be a very hands-on process involving the following steps, and by hands-on I mean lots and lots of mouse clicking, copy/pasting, etc.

  1. Enterprise GIS Deployment (Database and Service Creation)
  2. Registering service(s) with ArcGIS Online
  3. Implement Model Organization Groups
  4. Configure Solutions (Maps, Apps, & Dashboards)
  5. Users (Create and Invite to Groups)

Those 5 steps used to take quite a bit of time.  With Admin Tools (Pro) I was able to knock out steps 2, 3, & 5 with just a few clicks of the mouse.

I was able to:

  • Register all my secured ArcGIS Server services with a few clicks. (Figure 1)
  • Create the Esri Model Organization groups that pertains to the client, in this case a Water Utility. This included thumbnails, summaries, descriptions, tags, etc. The whole 9 yards! (Figure 2)
  • Import all my users from a ‘csv’ file and add them to the groups (Figure 3)

I s#!+ you not, it took a grand total of maybe 10 minutes!

                     Figure 1                                                     Figure 2                                                       Figure 3

Register Services with ArcGIS Online using Admin ToolsCreate Model Organization Groups using Admin ToolsImport Users from CSV using Admin Tools









Step 4 took the most amount of time, but the Admin Tools team is currently working on One Click Deployment of industry specific solutions designed by Esri and others.  For those of you that are already in an industry standard data model from Esri (Local Government Information Model, etc.), this will be seamless!

ArcGIS Online continues to improve and become increasingly powerful to users.  Admin Tools is here to compliment this core product by streamlining workflows and enabling administrators to deliver the value of GIS to more users in less time.

Nick Lawalin

Solutions Engineer

Nick Lawalin is a Solution Engineer for GEO Jobe. Follow him on twitter: @nicklawalin

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  1. My Dilemma — I want to display my “web map” &/or “web map application” via ArcGIS Online WITHOUT having to SHARE with Everyone! HOW DO I get around Sharing with Everyone? I just want to Share with one of my particular Groups…



    1. Kurt,

      The share options inside ArcGIS Online should handle this for you. Open the web map that you’re wanting to share. On the toolbar you should see an icon for sharing. Click this button and you will be asked to share with “public”, “entire org”, or certain “groups”. Choose the groups option and the specific group that you’re wanting to share the web map to.


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