ArcGIS Admin Tools Tips – Create Groups for Sharing Maps and Apps in ArcGIS Online

Groups are a powerful resource for ArcGIS users and user organizations. Groups can be made up of users from a common organization or perhaps a public group who all share a common interest. Creating Groups for use in ArcGIS Online can be somewhat tedious, however, it doesn’t have to be. Admin Tools for ArGIS Online has a set of tools that are specifically for the creation and management of groups and group properties. The following “how to” provides a quick look at how easy it is to create a group

admin tools for arcgis

Start your instance of Admin Tools for ArcGIS – When the application was first provisioned from the ArcGIS Marketplace you may have bookmarked the lauch url, if not you can launch the app from – this is the url you will want to bookmark.

You don’t have Admin Tools yet? No problem, visit the ArcGIS Marketplace where you can add the app to your account (for named account holders).

Upon launch of Admin Tools you’ll be prompted to provide permission and login to your ArcGIS Account

at1Once launched, you’ll be presented with the Tools homepage. Select the Group Tools icon or click on the text link to the left that reads Browse Group Tools


To create a new group select the  Create Group option.


You’ll then be presented with a number of options for the group parameters including name, thumbnail, description, tags, access controls and permission settings.


Once created you and/or your team can then begin populating the content and sharing maps with the group. Groups can be for internal use (ideal for organizations) or made public for others to request to participate.


A number of additional Group management tools are available that will enable you to share items (web maps, web apps) with the group, invite group participants, update sharing properties, add/remove tags, remove or rename groups and more.

For this example we create a group called BeerMaps which shares webmaps and apps of breweries and beer related locations. You can request access to participate in this group HERE

For more information about Admin Tools, see


Get started right away and access the application directly from the ArcGIS Marketpace


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