Bulk Update or Create Content Using CSV with Admin Tools

Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online users: if you are familiar with the basics of Excel, our export and import CSV suite of tools is great for you! We have included a suite of tools in Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online that allow you to export content to a CSV, make changes using Excel, and then import any changes you made directly into ArcGIS Online! The beautiful thing about this is that you can do many operations across many items, groups, or users at the same time!
So lets say you need to update roles, group memberships, email addresses, and tags for many users at once. Using our suite of tools you can export all of those users, edit the values in Excel, and import your edited CSV file to update all of the users at once. Depending on what you are doing with our tools, this can be a quicker workflow as opposed to using a few different tools (making it seem like a few different tasks versus one bulk task).

The import CSV tools are like many powerful tools wrapped into one! Not only can you bulk update the properties, but you can also create items, groups, and users by importing a CSV. The cool thing? You can even update and create with the same import!

Import Items From CSV

  • Update Group Sharing
    • Remove groups from the list to unshare and add groups to share
  • Edit JSON data
    • Find and Replace a URL (Ctrl + F)  across multiple items
  • Create Item
    • Exclude the ID from the item you would like to create
    • I recommend doing this with the JSON data


The first Item will get updated, while the second item will be created.

Import Groups From CSV

  • Update Group Memberships
    • Remove users from the list to uninvite them and add users to the list to invite them
  • Create Group
    • Create a new row in your CSV and leave the id column blank


The first group will be updated and the second group will be created.

Import Users From CSV

  • Update Group Memberships
    • Remove group from the list to uninvite user and add a group to invite the user
  • Create User
    • Import a user with a unique username
    • Add a password column and give that user a password, if you don’t it will simply invite them


The first user was export to create 2 new users that are identical. The first User will be updated, the second will be created, and the third will be invited.

You can get our tools from the ArcGIS Marketplace, but remember…with great tools comes great responsibility!

Jamie Thompson is a Jr. Application Developer for GEO Jobe. Follow her on Twitter: @jamjamDev

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