Tech Tip Tuesday: Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online Tip – Cloning

There’s more than 40+ tasks that the ArcGIS Online administrator can do in order to save time and headaches in their busy day. One of THE most popular “WOW” features of Admin Tools (Pro) are the Clone utilities. This functionality was so popular that the Esri ConnectEd organization has adopted cloning tools to help clone content for some of their thousands of Educational user organizations.

Admin Tools Tip #2 – Cloning

admin tools tip #2 cloning

Often users find tremendous value in Admin Tools simply to help with one or two tedious tasks that they are having trouble with within their org, like Cloning. Admin Tools for ArcGIS℠ Online offers a Clone Tool that will allow you to recreate all of your content in an existing organization into another one of your organization.

User options for cloning include:

  • clone entire organization
  • clone groups to organization
  • clone items to organization
  • clone roles to organization
  • clone users to organization

This tool takes out the time consuming labor of recreating all of these one by one & does it for you!

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Admin Tools clone tool

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