Three More Reasons to visit the ArcGIS Marketplace and Select Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online

Whether you’re an ArcGIS Online expert or just getting started, you should make your way on over to the ArcGIS Marketplace today and see whats new. This is a repository for plug-and-play GIS applications built on top of the ArcGIS Online platform.

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Similar to that of the Apple Store and Android Marketplace available for your smartphone except this one is for GEO-Geeks. The idea is that an ArcGIS Online user can access and use industry focused GIS apps on-demand with less hassle, overhead and complexity in which to setup and start using immediately.

The creation of Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online was developed as a result of our client’s desire (as well as our own) to perform tasks to many (or bulk) items, users, or groups within ArcGIS Online. Before the release of this tool, these tasks were very time consuming or not even possible within ArcGIS Online which exemplifies what the ArcGIS Marketplace is all about; Expanding the capabilities of ArcGIS Online. Below we’ve listed three reasons you should visit the ArcGIS Marketplace and choose Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, NOW!

1.) A “Free Trial” is available – By choosing the Free option we are giving you an unlimited “Basic” license to use Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online for free. This gives you the ability to kick the tires and see how the application operates. It’s also a way for us to let you see the direction of the product while making it useful for you by including some functionality. We also provide a way for you to submit requests for new functionality. So, if the tool you’re looking for is not listed, submit it to our team and we may include it in our next release or email you back with a workflow of how to use the existing tools to accomplish your task. Oh, and FYI, 90% of the pro functionality is available in the Free version!

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2.) Expand your ArcGIS Online toolbox – Adoption of ArcGIS Online is still growing so expanding the number of tools at your disposal is only going to help you in the long run. Even if you only choose access to the Free Trial and have never run into the problems the application is currently solving it will add another tool to your ArcGIS Online tool belt. The tool will be there in waiting for that fine moment to shine. So, becoming familiar with the ins and outs of this application will significantly reduce the time it takes you to solve the problem when it comes up. Because it will come up, trust me.


3.) Finally, Go try out the ArcGIS Marketplace once and for all – We feel this tool gives you the perfect reason for finally going on over and giving the ArcGIS Marketplace a good run through. After choosing Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online and seeing how easy it is to add applications to your ArcGIS Online account, go ahead and browse all the other amazing apps that are already out there, like umm… Mapfolio maybe.

free arcgis apps


Developers considering extending their apps to the ArcGIS platform should consider the ArcGIS Marketplace as a vehicle to reach their users and make their solutions available to the entire user community. For more info see also this video interview of our own VP, Jeremy Weber, as he discusses the merits of the ArcGIS Marketplace to Esri Business partners.

If you have any questions about the App or its capabilities please feel free to contact us info@… or hit us up on Twitter @geojobegis or Connect with us on one of our other social channels. In the meantime, get out there and try some new things out or new ways of doing things. It’s a new year, Right? You might be surprised at what you find that makes your life so much easier.





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