Throwback #TBT – Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, Then and Now

Thursday is always a great day to look back and reflect on things. Given that we just released another major update to our Admin Tools app for ArcGIS Online, now at V 1.0.12, there’s no wonder that our throwback Thursday inspiration #TBT reminds us of a fun image we used to share some of the things that ArcGIS users (administrators) can accomplish with our tools.

admin tools retro

Click HERE to download a High-res file of the image above

Admin Tools puts a large number of useful tools and workflows at the fingertips of the ArcGIS Online professional, making it fast and simple for organizations to manage and administer their users. From the early days users have been taking advantage of Tools that provide the ability to Move, Copy, Update, and Delete items associated with maps and webmaps within their organization. The image above shows some of the popular tools and workflows used in an early release of Admin Tools.

Fast-forward to today and our latest release (See this blog post on the Oct 2016 release of V 1.0.12) adding even more functionality like the ability to generate short urls in batch, update user access properties, and the highly anticipated ability to manage and update user credits (Select users in batch to update their credit allocation) and app/service entitlements (Find and select users to add entitlements).

Admin Tools has indeed come a long way and there’s some 3,000 user organizations that are enjoying the benefits! Happy Thursday and thanks to all of our users. Be sure to keep the feedback and suggestions coming – we’re listening! So, what’s your favorite Tool or Workflow and why?

Read more about Admin Tools or get started with Admin Tools (free) in the ArcGIS Marketplace

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