5 Must See Video Presentations from Esri DevSummit – The Science of Where

We were fortunate recently to attend the Esri Partner Conference (EPC) and DevSummit where Esri, a couple of hundred of their team, about 1,000 business partner member reps, and a couple of thousand developers gathered to hear about The Science of Where (TM), Esri’s new tagline and focus. We learned that the company is growing steadily, continues to make cutting edge advancements in GIS and spatial science, while also investing heavily in R&D and education while also maintaining a focus on sustainability, integrity, and innovation.

The Science of Where, is the perfect representation of our past, present, and our future because the Science of Where, is – quite simply- what we do. It’s also what our users do every day.” Jack Dangermond, Esri

There was much to see, hear, and learn at the event, particularly surrounding the release of ArcGIS 10.5 and the ArcGIS Enterprise offerings. There’s been many new features and capabilities released by Esri that touch on analytics (including geoanalytics and raster analytics), geocoding, routing, real time sensor feeds, Portal for ArcGIS, 3D mapping, and the connection between you (the user) and the Living Atlas. Note, ArcGIS Enterprise is the new name for the ArcGIS Server product family that includes ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Data Store, and ArcGIS Web Adaptor. Absorbing it all takes time, however, Esri has graciously published many of the DevSummit sessions online for you to soak up and enjoy.

The following are 5 sessions that we found extremely interesting and valuable and will provide you with hours of education and learning – be sure to share these videos on social media and with your colleagues and peers:

  1. ArcGIS Enterprise: An Introduction – Learn the story behind the name change and more.
  2. Insights for ArcGIS – Insights for ArcGIS extends the capability for spatial analysis for the ArcGIS Platform
  3. ArcGIS API for Python  – Python is HUGE! Here’s a must- see intro
  4. Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Enterprise Deployments – Discover common implementation patterns for deploying Web AppBuilder applications into complex enterprise environments
  5. Bringing your Data to Life in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript: Vector tiles – There are many benefits of using vector tile layers. Some of these benefits include: – The ability to display vector data at the native resolution of your device

You can jump directly to the event YouTube channel HERE or view all the videos below:

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