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We were fortunate to attend the 2017 Esri DevSummit where Esri, a couple of hundred of their team, about 1,000 business partner member reps, and a couple of thousand developers gathered to hear about The Science of Where (TM). Great news for developers and those who couldn’t attend though as Esri has released the entire video collection from the DevSummit tech sessions – 163 videos in all! Some great online learning opportunities here for those wanting an introduction or some advanced training in such topics as: JavaScript, .Net, Python, extending Web AppBuilder, working with Vector Tiles, ArcGIS 10.5, and much more!

The learning possibilities here are almost endless. Many sessions introduce you to new technologies from Esri like ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Pro, Insights, and other ArcGIS-based technologies. Video presentations from tech sessions as well as the live Esri theater demos are online.

The following are 5 sessions that some of our team sat in on and found extremely interesting and valuable and will provide you with hours of education and learning – be sure to share these videos on social media and with your colleagues and peers:

  1. ArcGIS Enterprise: An Introduction – Learn the story behind the name change and more.
  2. Insights for ArcGIS – Insights for ArcGIS extends the capability for spatial analysis for the ArcGIS Platform
  3. ArcGIS API for Python  – Python is HUGE! Here’s a must- see intro
  4. Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Enterprise Deployments – Discover common implementation patterns for deploying Web AppBuilder applications into complex enterprise environments
  5. Bringing your Data to Life in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript: Vector tiles – There are many benefits of using vector tile layers. Some of these benefits include: – The ability to display vector data at the native resolution of your device.

Given that we are the developers and authors of the popular Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, there’s a few sessions of particular interest to users of the Tools and to ArcGIS Admins and administrators of organizations , these include: ArcGIS Enterprise What’s New, ArcGIS and Administering your Portal – there really is something here for everyone!

The entire library of DevSummit videos can be found HERE – Did you attend DevSummit and catch an amazing tech session or presentation? Please do tell us about it – you can tweet us @geojobegis

ArcGIS 10.5

“Finally, Portal-to-portal collaboration is a new way of sharing content between multiple web GIS implementations.” Eric Pimpler

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