GeoGeeksinCars Video Interview – GEO Jobe in Cars with Jeff Dahlke, Remote Geosystems Inc., Colorado

Enjoy this video interview from a visit to Fort Collins, Colorado where I met with Jeff Dahlke or Remote Geosystems, an Esri small business startup program member company.  The company specializes in Aerial, Drone & Mobile Geospatial Video Mapping Software & Video Recorders for Critical Infrastructure Inspections. Recently, Remote Geo announced the availability of LineVision apps for ArcGIS in the ArcGIS Marketplace.

About LineVision:

The LineVision ArcMap Add-in and stand-alone LineVision Esri Maps are commercial software tools for UAV, airborne and terrestrial mobile inspection and survey projects requiring georeferenced video playback, analysis, collaboration and reporting using the Esri ArcGIS platform. The LineVision Esri ArcMap Add-in supports what is referred to as geotagged or geospatial video, meaning digital video files with associated GPS companion or sidecar files. Geospatial video is currently the most common method used by consumer and professional video recording systems, from simple POV action cameras from Sony and Garmin to commercial drones like DJI Inspire and Phantom Pro series, to purpose-built airborne and mobile video systems like  geoDVR.

Access the applications here.

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Video was filmed on location in Fort Collins, Colorado, August, 2017


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