GEO Jobe in Cars Video Interview – GeoGeeksinCars with Peter Batty at #GISITR

A visit to Denver, Colorado for the GIS in the Rockies conference at the University of Denver. Enjoy this drive around the campus area with guest Peter Batty (@pmbatty), a legend of sorts in the GEOTech world in Colorado, as we discuss GeoTech in Colorado, mobile technology, Ubisense myWorld, open source software and more.

Peter shares a little history about his company, Ubisense, discusses mobile technology, his passion for OSM, open source software and other current and trending topics of interest in the GIS and mapping World.

See more video interviews HERE and see also this GeoGeeksinCars archive on YouTube.

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Glenn (@gletham), our GEO spatial evangelist, hits the road periodically to take in GIS events (like the GIS in the Rockies event in Denver, CO) and is always glad to try and connect with ArcGIS users, GeoTech enthusiasts and GeoGeeks from all walks. If you’d like to do an interview with him comment here or tweet us @geojobegis to connect.



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