GEOJobeinCars with @gletham – GeoGeeksinCars at #EsriUC with the Esri Startup Program Team

Here at GEO Jobe we like shooting video and if a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video is pretty priceless! This summer while in San Diego at #esriuc, Glenn managed to get the entire Esri Small Business Startup Program team in his car for a “GeoGeeoksinCars” interview. We found it pretty interesting indeed as GEO Jobe is also excited about the GeoTech startup ecosystem and we work with several of the startup companies offering technical support, services, and expertise in the ArcGIS ecosystem.

Enjoy the video as Glenn picks up Katie, Kurt, and Doug, rolls through the Gaslamp, darn near takes out a pedestrian, and drives up to Balboa Park for the UC wrap up party. On the way they talk about the startup ecosystem, the benefits of the program for member companies, mention a few hot startup companies, and much more.

About the Video:

Glenn takes a drive with the Esri small business startup program team (Kurt, Katie, and Doug) to discuss The ESRIUC, the small business startup ecosystem and the benefits for companies to take part in the startup program. The gang drives through the Gaslamp on their way to the Thursday night conference party in Balboa Park and discusses the Esri startup program history, touches on some success stories and more.. See more about the startup program at: and you can follow them on Twitter @EsriStartups

Created by Esri in 2012 to offer tools and support to help startups succeed, the free, three year program provides online services, software, support, and training to kick-start product development. Companies founded less than three years ago that build software or platform-as-a-service products and currently generate less than $1 million annually may be eligible to participate in the Esri Startup Program. Hundreds of startups from around the globe are enrolled.

You can view the entire GeoGeeksinCars playlist HERE on YouTube

Are you a startup involved in the Esri small business program or perhaps considering applying? If so and you think you may require an Esri partner company in your corner for additional support or services etc.. please do feel free to Contact Us, we’d love to chat.

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