Dev Tips – Everything You Need to Know from Google I/O 2018 in 14 Minutes

You may not be an Android user or an Android fangirl (or boy), however, as a developer or GIS/Geo solution provider, you really do need to stay informed of the latest developments and technologies affecting your business and your users. Recently, Google held their annual developer event, I/O. This video will bring you up to speed with the Google and Android roadmap.

This is definitely 14 minutes that are well spent. You’ll soon see how Google is addressing issues like battery power, security, location technology and other pressing technologies. Of particular interest to the Geo developers, take note that Google has also announced a completely revamped Google Maps Platform. Are you using Google Maps or developing apps that use the Google Maps API? Even if you aren’t, if you’re developing amazing webmaps and apps on other platforms (like say, ArcGIS) you need to take care of your mobile users! This video will help bring you up to speed.

Keep this in mind, from Google, “Beginning June 11, you’ll need a valid API key and a Google Cloud Platform billing account to access our core products.”

Want to watch the entire Google I/O keynote? Enjoy all 1:46:32 HERE

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