A Primer for #esriuc and 5 Must View Esri Technology Presentation Videos

Youtube is an amazing resource with plenty to offer, sometimes too much to wade through it seems! In addition to using YouTube to find music videos, sports bloopers, archived episodes of your favorite old TV shows you can easily use YouTube as a wonderful E-Learning resource. Esri has done an amazing job over the years at archiving presentations from events they’ve hosted around the World. The following are 5 suggested videos that will help inform and educate you on some of Esri’s latest, HOT technology. This is a great way to start preparing yourself for ESRIUC where you will hear about these technologies.

Learn About ArcGIS Pro 1.4

Learn about ArcGIS Pro 1.4, Esri’s powerful desktop solution, in this hands-on demonstration showing georeferencing, editing, map layouts, and advanced techniques to symbolize wildfires and space-time patterns

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Build Web Apps with No Coding – Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is a pure HTML5/JavaScript-based application that allows you to create your own intuitive, fast, and beautiful web apps without writing a single line of code. Learn how you can configure GIS apps that run seamlessly across all devices.

ArcGIS Platform Overview

Sud Menon, Director of Software Development, provides an overview of everything new in the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS for Server:

An Introduction – Are you interested in ArcGIS for Server but don’t know where to start? This is the session for you! You will learn how to make your maps, geoprocessing models, and other GIS resources available to others by publishing them on a GIS server.

Insights for ArcGIS

Insights for ArcGIS extends the capability for spatial analysis for the ArcGIS Platform. It is designed to simply and quickly ask your data questions; get answers, and visualize that data in a highly interactive workspace

You can enjoy hundreds of hours of entertainment and e-based learning just hanging out on the Esri YouTube channel. Look around and seek out intro videos from key product leads and Esri product managers. This is a great way to prepare for ESRIUC or to simply answer some questions you may have about the technology. Did you watch an Esri video that inspired you? Please do share a comment or tweet us @geojobegis

Note, GEO Jobe also maintains a Youtube Channel where you can view technology videos that we’ve created and shared over the years – enjoy and be sure to check out our video playlist from the 2017 Esri DevSummit!



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