Empowering The Science of Where through Partnerships; Esri 360 Video, Esri Startup GeoMarvel & Esri Partner GEO Jobe

Recently, we were fortunate enough to connect with the Esri 360 team at DevSummit to sit down and discuss a strategic partnership that Geo Jobe has nurtured with GeoMarvel, an Esri startup program member company. We share our outlook on The Science of Where, strategies and benefits of partnerships, going to market with ArcGIS technology, and we discuss geospatial thinking, MapLapse and more. Thanks Esri 360 for the opportunity!


About the Video

Esri Partners, David Hansen of Geo Jobe  (@dhansen601) and Jon Nordling of GeoMarvel (@geomarvel) provide insight on the importance of partnership and applying GIS and The Science of Where to organizations around the world. GIS is about so much more than just building maps, it helps organizations save time, money, and make better business decisions.

Hansen discusses how GEO Jobe works with starups, like GeoMarvel, and help to get from idea to market. GEO Jobe and Geomarvel partnered up and shared their visions to bring MapLapse to marketplace. The partnership and the Esri startup ecosystem supported this form of collaboration and fostered innovation – a win-win! “The Science of Where providing a whole new perspective and a whole new outlook on GIS innovation.”

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