Top 20 DevSummit Tech Session Videos – Everything You Need to Know About ArcGIS and Then Some!

You may have noticed that we’ve been chatting about DevSummit and sharing goodies for pretty much the past 2 weeks. Well, the goodness just keeps on coming as Esri has continued to release video presentations recorded at the 2017 DevSummit. Currently, the playlist sits at 20 (+1 bonus video) and you can likely expect them to keep coming! Follow these videos, bookmark the YouTube Channel and watch these videos at your leisure to get up to speed on the latest in ArcGIS Enterprise (think 10.5), the ArcGIS API for Python, Web AppBuilder, the ArcGIs API for Javacript, Insights and more.

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Note, while on site, the GEO Jobe crew recorded a few videos and has shared them HERE – enjoy!

Stay informed about ArcGIS 10.5 HERE on the ArcGIS Blog

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