#WednesdayWisdom Video, Getting Started With ArcGIS Enterprise Builder

ArcGIS Enterprise Builder provides a simple installation and configuration experience for a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on a single machine. Once your base deployment is installed and configured, you can start using ArcGIS Enterprise in your organization to create maps, conduct analysis, and share content through a variety of apps. This video from Esri provides an overview of ArcGIS Enterprise Builder. ArcGIS Enterprise Builder is available at 10.5.1 and provides a simple installation experience for a base deployment on a single machine.

Recall, ArcGIS Enterprise, the next evolution of the ArcGIS Server product line, is a full-featured mapping and analytics platform. It includes a powerful GIS web services server plus dedicated Web GIS infrastructure for organizing and sharing your work in order to make maps, geographic information, and analyses available on any device, anywhere, at any time. (Esri).

ArcGIS Enterprise has a flexible deployment model that supports various configurations:

Note, GEO Jobe has expertise in ArcGIS Enterprise solutions, configuration and Cloud hosted services, including our popular GEOPowered Cloud. Organizations looking to move to the cloud are encouraged to consider this as an entry point.

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