GEO Jobe is Now Providing the Ultimate Collection of ArcGIS Administration Solutions

Since 2017, GEO Jobe GIS Consulting has served over 7,000 organizations world-wide with our products and services. Over the years, we have taken feedback and requests regarding our users’ needs and challenges, and provided solutions to make ArcGIS Administration much easier. This year, we provide the following three products that we are collectively referring to as “The ABC’s of GIS,” and are available for both ArcGIS Online as well as ArcGIS Enterprise. Let’s take a quick look at each of these products, and see how it can improve and streamline your life as an ArcGIS Administrator.

Admin Tools for ArcGIS

This is one of our longest-existing and most popular solutions. You can count on Admin Tools for ArcGIS to streamline the day-to-day bulk operations against ArcGIS items, users, and groups. Apply mass delete protection, check item dependencies, apply tags to users, copy web map symbology and popups, update service URLs, and so much more! Odds are that if you ever told yourself there must be a better way to do what you’re doing, this application likely has you covered for bulk ArcGIS administration operations.

Backup My Org

For years, the most common requests we have received from our users have been for a simplified solution for backing up, recovering, as well as migrating ArcGIS Items, users, and groups. It’s taken some time, and we wanted to make sure we’ve done it right. Backup my Org provides a streamlined and friendly user interface that will take care of organizational and granular backups of ArcGIS content, as well as complete custom recovery of any content you need from a stored backup to that same Organization, or a different one. All you need is a license of Backup My Org for any ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online Organization you wish to back up, recover, or transfer between. With this product, you also get an amazing dependencies visualizer to show relationships between items, users, and groups, as well as a restore wizard that helps rewire groups, users, and services that are missing on the destination side. Anyone who wants a better solution than rolling an entire organization back from a snapshot image is bound to appreciate everything Backup My Org has to offer!

Clean My Org

Since the Admin Tools for ArcGIS had been released, GEO Jobe regularly receives feedback and requests from our users regarding Admin Tools for ArcGIS. This input has provided us with many enhancements to the application. However, some feedback falls outside the scope and Interface of Admin Tools. This collection of feedback eventually led to the creation of Clean My Org. The intent of this solution is to scan, report, and address a number of issues, concerns, metrics, and clutter that would be too impractical to look for across an entire organization’s (or multiple organizations’!) items, users, and groups by hand. An on-demand and scheduled scanner is exactly what many aging and high-volume ArcGIS Organizations need to ensure stability, prevent bloat, and better police policy enforcement regarding content and users.

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