Admin Tools Update 1.7.2

What’s New in 1.7.2?

We have a small update now available for Admin Tools, which gives you a new tool that allows you to enable or disable export data for feature layers in bulk as well as a host of bug fixes. We also added support for searching and filtering with the upcoming Administrative Report item type used in ArcGIS Online Activity Reports.

New Tool: Enable / Disable Export Data for Feature Layers

This handy tool will allow you to enable or disable the export capability for your feature layers in bulk. Select each targeted Web Map, then select whether you would like to enable or disable this capability, and Admin Tools takes care of the rest.

Administrative Report item type support for upcoming ArcGIS Online Reporting

You can now search and filter for the Administrative Report item type that is the output of the new ArcGIS Online Reporting tools.

Bug Fixes

  • Copy Symbology Fix for lock up issue with Copy Symbology if source is feature service
  • Group Filters Fix for regex bugs in group filter
  • Item Filters Fix for lockup if null item type is encountered
  • Item Filters Fix for special characters causing filtering accuracy issues
  • EULA Added EULA Update
  • Thumbnail Generator Fix for thumbnail display issue
  • Group and Item Stores Fixed bug where no items or groups would be returned by fetch if query is accountid instead of orgid

How to get Admin Tools

Steven McCall, Application Developer

Steven McCall is the Director of Products at GEO Jobe.