Managing an airport has never been more challenging. With the GEOPowered Cloud for Airports solution package, you can bring together information from across your organization to streamline operations.

Data Migration:
Data maintenance to keep up with constantly changing information has been identified by Esri as the leading challenge to GIS adoption in Airports. The GEOPowered Cloud for Airports solution packages from GEO Jobe include services for our Solution Engineers to inventory, evaluate, and migrate your existing data into the Airport Data Model.

Web GIS Launch: GEO Jobe’s Solution Engineers will build out your organization by getting content published, configuring web maps, and deploying out-of-the-box field and office applications. We will work with you to customize and administer your Web GIS, and will provide recommendations on how to deploy powerful solutions for your users.

Organization Users: Each package includes a flexible number of users based on your organization needs. These users will allow you and your staff to administer your organization, create maps and applications, and collect data in the field using Esri’s field applications.

Services: Each level of the GEOPowered Cloud for Airports solution package includes an annual allotment of GIS support hours that you can use at any time for support or additional services. Along with regular check-ins performed by GEO Jobe staff, airport users will be able to contact GEO Jobe at any time to request data edits, content updates, or support for the applications that are included in the solution package.

Item Description Basic Standard Advanced
Data and Software Hosting The GEOPowered Cloud for Airports solution package includes flexible options for software licensing and data hosting. Provided by GEO Jobe ArcGIS® Online ArcGIS® Enterprise
Licensing Each solution package includes a recommended set of user licenses that will allow you to
quickly deploy users that can create, edit, and manage information.
Provided by GEO Jobe Customer provided Customer provided
Users Flexible user accounts to create and view maps, edit data, and use Esri’s applications for field data
Data Migration This service will allow GEO Jobe to identify,
inventory, and evaluate existing data and move it into the Airport Data Model.
Applications Initial set of web applications, based on available data, to support airport operations and provide easy-to-use interfaces for users. Customers can choose up to four (4) applications to have
configured including:
• Basic Map Viewer
• Airfield Lighting Inspections
• Environmental
• Property & Lease management
• Sound
• Utilities
• ArcGIS® Hub Basic (or an ArcGIS® Enterprise Site if using the Advanced package)
• Operations Dashboard
Backup My Org Yearly subscription to Back Up My Org to back up data, maps, and applications for the airport. X X
Web GIS Launch Services provided by GEO Jobe to help you configure and populate your portal with data, maps, applications, and provide training to users. X X
ArcGIS® Enterprise Jumpstart Services provided by GEO Jobe to perform an installation and configuration of ArcGIS® Enterprise. X
Managed Services Annual services provided by GEO Jobe to monitor and maintain your ArcGIS® Enterprise system. X