GEO Jobe UAV, drone and aerial mapping servicesAccurate, High Resolution, Digital Mapping Services

GEO Jobe has offered UAV services for more than a decade, collecting aerial imagery and creating digital mapping products. These solutions have become essential to workflows in a variety of industries, including utilities, local government, planning, surveying, and engineering. GEO Jobe’s UAV Team is able to quickly capture data and provide services at a competitive price, enabling clients to maintain current and accurate GIS data.

Our team consists of FAA Part 107-licensed pilots with hundreds of cumulative flight hours. We leverage a fleet of both fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones. We provide an array of sensor solutions, including standard RGB, thermal, LiDAR, and multispectral imagery. Our pilots are experienced in UAV data collection techniques essential to orthophotography updates, volumetric surveys, facilities management, CAD integration, 3D modeling, and more.

Common UAV product deliverables and industry uses include:

  • Orthophoto mosaics at approximately 1-inch pixel resolution
  • Digital Surface Models (DSM)
  • TIN models
  • 1ft Contours
  • 3D Point Clouds
  • 3D Textured Mesh
  • Image caching and services hosting

UAV Mapping Products: Web App Example Gallery

Facilities Management

State & Local Government

Construction & Engineering


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