security.manager NEXT

Fine-Grained Access Control of your GIS services.

security.manager NEXT allows the assignment of individual access permissions to different user groups, thereby ensuring that everyone gets access only to what they are entitled to see.

By recognizing individual users, security.manager NEXT allows administrators to define precisely which contents of a published GIS service can be seen or used by each user. Access may be controlled at the layer level, to specific geographical areas, or even down to specific features, based on allowed attributes. Users never know they are accessing a secured service with hidden data, as they never see anything they are not entitled to see.

Decide who shall see what

security.manager NEXT controls access to services, right down to spatial and feature level. You stay in control of the level of information provided to individual users, meaning you can provide different groups with varying levels of access to a single service, greatly reducing the efforts and costs required to achieve your goals.

In doing this, security.manager NEXT provides a consistent user experience together with a holistic security approach. This means, users will not get any information about the existence of content they are not entitled to, and permissions need to be explicitly expressed in the system. Everything that is not explicitly allowed is automatically forbidden, to ensure that access cannot be granted by accident.

Solve security requirements easily and fast, while saving efforts and costs.

Security at your fingertips

The administration for security.manager NEXT is fully integrated into the ArcGIS® Server Manager and allows for the definition of fine-grained access policies, easily and fast. It takes just a few clicks to assign permissions for resources, and a few more clicks to create additional filters on feature or spatial level. Once a policy is created, it is already active, and access is granted accordingly.

The Concept

For ArcGIS® for Server, the ArcGIS® Edition moves right into an ArcGIS® Server Object. Being implemented as a Server Object Interceptor (SOI), security.manager NEXT is not added to, but is integrated into a service. It acts like an extension to ArcGIS®, and it also integrates seamlessly into the ArcGIS® Server Manager application, thereby extending ArcGIS® for Server’s authorization capabilities. In order to deploy security.manager NEXT, just upload it as an ArcGIS® Extension, configure it, activate it, and start creating policies.

Seamless integration

The beauty of a security system lies in its transparency. A user working with a security.manager NEXT-protected service will not even realize that security measures are in place. Adding security.manager NEXT to a service will not change the user experience, nor will it have a noticeable impact on performance. The user will work as they do with every other service, just in a limited way.

Every app can show what is right for that user

The content of the service is filtered according to the user’s permissions. Using this behaviour, there is no need to maintain a wide range of group-specific apps with dedicated services. This means less apps are needed, making life easier, and usage more transparent for end users.


Most organizations have existing IT security policies that have developed over time with the organization’s needs. Groups and roles have been defined that reflect the structure of the organization, and which users need access to specific data or resources. security.manager NEXT allows organisations to simply and effectively extend the same security foundation to ArcGIS®, ensuring consistency with the enterprise’s security policies.

security.manager NEXT works directly within the ArcGIS® Platform, adding rich access control functionality, without adding to the complexity of the architecture.

security.manager NEXT leverages the user accounts used by ArcGIS® to enhance the security capabilities of the ArcGIS® Platform.

security.manager NEXT works directly within the ArcGIS® Platform, adding rich access control functionality, without adding to the complexity of the architecture.

When authoring services, GIS Administrators can concentrate on creating great maps, independent of security concerns.

Thanks to the seamless integration of security.manager NEXT, protected services behave just like standard ArcGIS® Services, ensuring consistent behavior across the platform.