Clean Up Your Organization Without the Stress.

As your ArcGIS® Organization grows and ages, it progressively becomes more difficult to maintain order and efficiency across all your items, groups and users. Manually monitoring your content and diagnosing issues is simply not a reasonable solution. With Clean My Org, you have access to both an on-demand and scheduled scanner to look for the most common concerns that an ArcGIS® administrator has, including inactive users, unused items, detecting broken maps and references, and resolving issues with specific groups. Say goodbye to the days of clutter, and hello to a clean ArcGIS® Organization!

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How it works:

Clean My Org is an application that can be deployed as a web service on your server or even locally on your laptop. With just a few clicks, you can set up customized scans to automatically search your ArcGIS® Online or ArcGIS® Enterprise for issues related to items, users, and groups. Once you have the results of the scan in hand, you can then easily address the identified issues using built-in resolution tools.

Check for your inactive Users.

  • Users that are disabled
  • Users that have not logged in within last X days
  • Users that are not members of any groups
  • Users that have no content

A variety of ways to keep your Items clean.

  • Scan for Webmaps that contain references to content that no longer exists
  • Check Registered and Hosted Services that are unable to receive a valid response from their origin
  • Find Services that are not used by any webmap
  • Find Webmaps that are not used by any application
  • Monitor Map/Feature Services by Title or field that might contain sensitive information
  • Check for Items with only one tag
  • Find Items with a tag matching an editable blacklist
  • Items not accessed within last X days.
  • Items with <X% Score Completeness
  • Items Created Within the Last X Days
  • Items not assigned to any category
  • Items with blank description
  • Shared Webmaps with non-shared layers
  • Items with duplicate title, tags and type
  • Web Maps and Services with identical layers
  • Items that are missing delete protection
  • Items that have content as Authoritative/Deprecated/Neither
  • Scan for Empty Gallery Items

Monitor Groups to make sure they stay relevant.

  • Groups with no items
  • Groups with no members
  • Groups with the same members
  • Groups with the same title
  • Groups with the same items
  • Groups with duplicate Gallery apps

System Requirements

Start down the road towards a cleaner ArcGIS® Organization today!

Base price includes one connector (URL endpoint to an organization) to scan a single ArcGIS® Online or ArcGIS® Enterprise organization. Additional connectors may be purchased for scanning multiple organizations.