Imagine yourself walking in each morning to a group of friends who are glad to see you, as well as you them. Communication is free-flowing and your voice and opinions are taken into consideration and not disregarded. A shared passion for moving geo-spatial technology forward permeates the environment. This is GEO Jobe. GEO Jobe’s continual goal is to expand and advance the use of geo-spatial technology for the benefit of those around the globe. We are always seeking the best, brightest, and most passionate in the geo-spatial technology industry to join our team. We invite you to look around our site to get a better understanding of our passion and how you can become a part of it.

“When ideas are heard and communication is open, team growth and goal achievement naturally follow. Bringing someone onto our team isn’t a one-way street where we just expect a person to work for us. GEO Jobe, as a company, is just as responsible for the growth and development of our employees, it works both ways. I invite all who have a passion for geo-spatial technology to apply when we have positions available.” – Neill Jobe, Founder, GEO Jobe

Current Openings:

Although we are not always hiring, we are always on the lookout for great talent. Below you will find two examples of positions for which we hire often. If the positions are not currently open, but you would like to be considered when they are, check the “To Apply” section below.

Application Developer

GIS Solution Engineer

GEO Jobe is the industry leader in ArcGIS® Online development. We typically would seek out individuals with knowledge in programming as well as some or all of the following experience:

  • developing Web Mapping Applications on top of the Esri stack
  • a deep understanding of JavaScript and Web Application development
  • able to acquire expertise in the geospatial field on the job
  • JavaScript / HTML / CSS
  • Knowledge of Best Practices in Responsive Design
  • ArcGIS® JavaScript API
  • Dojo Toolkit
  • Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® Custom Widget Development
  • ArcGIS® REST API (Particularly Item Management Aspects)
  • A Deep Understanding of ArcGIS® Online
  • Experience Using Version Control Systems with a Team (i.e: GIT, SVN, etc..)
  • Understanding of Software Architecture Principles and Patterns
  • A Strong Understanding of Asynchronous Programming

To Apply
If you want to send us your resume to keep on file, feel free to do so, although we suggest you keep checking back for specific openings – Good Luck

GEO Jobe

Note to Foreign Applicants – U.S. citizen or authorized employment clearance is required.  Sorry, but we will not petition for a Visa on your behalf.