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Backup Your Organization & Restore Items Users and Groups.

This highly requested solution has many purposes, including custom BACKING UP and custom RESTORING of your items, users, and groups to your local hard drive or native Cloud storage based on saved backups. Backup My Org can restore content to either the same location or a different licensed organization, can perform scheduled content backups, can use quick filters to backup specific content, and advanced filters to get the most granular control over the exact content you need to backup. Included is an amazing way to visualize items dependencies within the licensed organization during the backup and restore processes.

Cloning items between your ArcGIS® environments.

Our famous Cloning workflow has been vastly improved to allow users greater access and stability when migrating or promoting their items, users, and groups between their licensed ArcGIS® connectors in Backup My Org. Included is a smart restore wizard to assist in rewiring your items, users, and groups if there is missing information on the destination.

See what's new in Backup My Org Version 1.4

How it works:

Backup My Org is an application that can be deployed as a web service on your server or even locally on your laptop. With just a few clicks, you can visualize your backup and restore process to see dependencies and their relationships in a visual format. The restore wizard helps to rewire items, users, groups on the new destination. While the Cloning workflow provides a seamless process for migrating or promoting your content between your licensed ArcGIS® connectors.

Out of the box, Backup My Org will:

  • Create backups of the entire organization or by selecting a custom list
  • Restore specific content on an individual or organization level
  • Visualize item dependencies of ArcGIS® items
  • Use Clone to migrate or promote content between licensed connectors
  • Schedule recurring backups
  • Maintain ItemIDs when restoring and cloning to ArcGIS® Enterprise 10.8 and later
  • Support for Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud storage

  • CityEngine Web Scene
  • Web Map
  • Web Scene

  • Feature Collection
  • Feature Service
  • Geodata Service
  • Globe Service
  • Image Service (registered service only)
  • KML
  • KML Collection
  • Map Service
  • Oriented Imagery Catalog
  • Scene Service
  • Vector Tile Service
  • WFS
  • WMS
  • WMTS

  • Geoprocessing Service
  • Geometry Service
  • Geocoding Service
  • Network Analysis Service

  • User Settings
  • Group Settings

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2016 or higher server OR
  • Windows 10 or higher personal computer
  • .NET Framework 4.6
  • MongoDB installation required
  • Recommended server specs (less than 10,000 items):
    • 1+ TB HD
    • 4-core processor
    • 16 GB RAM for optimal performance
  • Recommended server specs (greater than 10,000 items):
    • 2-4+ TB HD (depending on organization size)
    • 8-core processor
    • 16 GB RAM for optimal performance

Backup Your ArcGIS® Organization today!

Base price includes one connector (URL endpoint to an organization) to backup and restore to a single ArcGIS® Online or ArcGIS® Enterprise organization. Additional connectors may be purchased for backing up and restoring to multiple organizations.