ArcGIS® Enterprise - Cloud Services

General Cloud Consulting:

  • Assistance with setting up an account with a cloud service provider such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.
  • Consulting services to determine an appropriate system size and desired architecture.
  • Provisioning of resources to support an ArcGIS® Enterprise system deployment.

ArcGIS® Enterprise Jumpstart:

  • Review machine specifications and architecture plan to confirm they meet best practices for a successful implementation.
  • Installation and configuration of ArcGIS® Enterprise components.
  • Functional testing to confirm all components are operational and performing as expected.
  • Assistance with database creation, data migration and service publishing, and creating configurable applications using published services.
  • Knowledge transfer on service creation, caching, tuning services, configuring system capabilities, viewing logs and service statistics, and additional site settings.

Web GIS Launch for ArcGIS® Enterprise:

  • Resource assessment to identify available resources, analyze needs, and determine priorities.
  • Demonstration of site configuration and administration including configuration of homepage, branding, organization of content, management of users and resources, security best practices, and how to monitor organization health.
  • Publish authoritative resources that can be shared or secured as needed throughout the organization.
  • Creation and configuration of maps, web applications, mobile applications, and dashboards.

Managed Services for ArcGIS® Enterprise:

  • Monitoring of ArcGIS® Enterprise Environments.
  • Complimentary licenses (1 year) of GEO Jobe applications (AdminTools, Backup My Org, Clean My Org).
  • General resource monitoring of servers supporting ArcGIS® Enterprise (CPU, RAM, Disk, etc.).
  • Monitoring of ArcGIS® Server and ArcGIS® Portal logs.
  • Review of available patches and service packs for Esri and Windows operating systems.
  • Usage of BackupMyOrg to back up content.
  • Usage of CleanMyOrg to discover content and organizational issues (web maps with broken references, groups with no members, and more).
  • Review and recommendations for ArcGIS® Server and ArcGIS® Portal security.
  • Pricing based on number of servers supporting your ArcGIS® Enterprise environment.