Creating A Location Map and Location App for Your Business is Easy with ArcGIS Online!

So, you want to add a cool map to your website that shares where customers and clients can find you or your various office locations. Many folks drop a simple google map with a pin and a link to their website, however, you can also accomplish this using ArcGIS Online and take your location map to the next level with ease. Below we quickly explain how we made a nice location map for GEO Jobe HQ.

location map

Creating your location map is easy. Simply log into your ArcGIS Online account. Using the map viewer, search for your office location(s). then the fun start by customizing your Map Notes. This is where you can add more information, a weblink and a location marker.  Once you do this you can then further customize with a logo, detailed description, change the basemap style and much more.

location map

Finally, you can set sharing parameters so that your map is closed to a group or made open to the public and seen by all.  From the sharing options you can then share a link (perhaps on a business card) or grab the code to easily embed on a website like we did below.  Your map and data are stored in your My Content within your AGO account just like everything else you create! The location map below is a “live” webmap. Go ahead and click on the GEO Jobe logo and feel free to pan around the map!

256 Jackson Meadows Dr, Hermitage, Tennessee, 37076

Taking things even further, you can also get “fancy” using the Esri Configurable apps tools. When you go to Share your map created above, you have the option of also creating an app from several pre-defined application templates. We created a simple location app using the templates provided by Esri. Using the app you can locate our Biloxi, MS office.

esri confgurable apps

Several configurable app templates are provided

geo jobe location app

Above, a simple app created in less than a minute – see more about configurable apps HERE

You can get detailed instructions and create your own custom location map in this blog post by Bern Szukalski of Esri.



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