BackupMyOrg Update 1.1

BackupMyOrg 1.1 is here! Bringing you an update full of new features, fixes, and performance improvements to make your experience backing up and restoring your items, users, and groups as easy as possible. We have some exciting new features available such as cloning button functionality, support for web experience types, and restore selections in bulk by owner and group. If you are migrating a lot of new users to a new environment, we also have a button to email all new users their credentials once they are created.

New Features and Improvments

Cloning Button Functionality

From the main menu, you can now use the cloning button to automate your content migration workflow from one organization to another. Here you can set the source and target organizations, as well as new options such as deleting the backup after cloning if you wish to save space on your hard drive. The cloning workflow will step through the backup and restore operations for you, carrying over your selected options.

BackupMyOrg Cloning Options

Support for the Web Experience Item Type

We now support backing up and restoring your Web Experiences. When restoring to a different ArcGIS version, there are some considerations for restoration due to the differences in versions between web experiences. If a web experience contains widgets that are not present in the destination environment, the restore will not work. Also, if the ArcGIS version of the backed up Web Experience and the destination environment do not match, a warning message will be shown in the restore preprocessing stage. This is due to the data structure of web experience configurations changing between versions, which may result in a number of issues ranging from format changes to feature services not displaying.

Additional Options to Select by Group and Owner During Restore Selection

We now have additional options to make it easier for you to select the content you would like from previous restores. By using the group and owner filters on the right side of the restore selection visualization, you can apply those to select only the group or user you would like for a precision restore.

New Restore Selection by Owner and Group on the right side.

Restore Log: Option to Email New Users Credentials Once They Are Created

When restoring new users to a different destination, in a non-IWA situation, new users will need to have random passwords generated for them during account creation. We now have a button that can automate the distribution of credentials by emailing each new user with their new temporary credentials.

Export Create User Credentials button in the Restore Log

Additional Improvements

We also have some big improvements under the hood for increased stability, including:

  • Backup and Restore Visual View refactor for better performance
  • Backup and Restore performance improvements
  • Preprocessing has been refactored for better performance
  • Caching: Better fetching for items, groups, and users of large organizations

Bug Fixes

  • Backup > Quick Filter: Read correct identity / get cache when no cache is available when selecting the tab
  • Backup > Advanced > Quick Filters: Loading indicator while organization caches
  • Backup > Advanced > Quick Filters: Handling for cases where quick filter does not finish
  • Backup Selection Cache: Fix for issue when caching does not finish for large organizations
  • Backup: Removed reported undefined users
  • Backup: Fix for issue with the owner of groups added to dependencies
  • Backup: Export geodatabase fetches will now retry on fail with a configurable amount
  • Restore Rewire Config: Remove undefined rewire options 
  • Restore Rewire Config: If URL with ID is specified for rewiring, apply to all similar layers
  • Restore: Copy symbologies when creating feature services
  • Restore: Fix for error updating relationship if both item types are not owned by the same owner
  • Restore: Fix for restoring non-sequential IDs of feature services
  • Restore User: Fix for error parsing invitation list
  • Restore Postprocess: Improved web map rewiring
  • Post Processing: Investigate undefined choices for rewiring

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Steven McCall, Application Developer

Steven McCall is the Director of Products at GEO Jobe.