Drones: That Sounds Fun!

“You get to play with drones all day?! That sounds fun! I want your job!” If you are in any subset of the drone industry, you have more than likely heard this at trade shows, conferences, Thanksgiving dinner, or while checking out at Trader Joe’s. (Occasionally the friendly chit-chat actually goes beyond “Oh, good choice! […]



UAV Tip – Getting Started With Drone2Map for ArcGIS (and Pix4D)

Are you considering Getting Started With Drone2Map for ArcGIS? Something we’re all excited about here at GEO Jobe is data collection, in particular, aerial data collection and the added capabilities afforded by including Drone2Map in our client solutions. Fresh out of beta, Drone2Map for ArcGIS was released today by Esri with new features and enhancements. The desktop […]