Data Tip – White House Arctic initiative and elevation data via the ArcticDEM project

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and the National Science Foundation publicly released new 3-D topographic maps of Alaska Sept. 1 in support of a White House Arctic initiative to inform better decision-making in the Arctic. The 3-D digital elevation models, or DEMs, are the first to come from the ArcticDEM project, which was created after a January 2015 […]


Traffic Fatalities - As the new data being released show, and as DOT reported earlier this summer, 2015 showed a marked increase in traffic fatalities nationwide.

The White House Wants you to Download and Analyze Traffic Fatality OpenData from the DOT

OpenData, these data are all over the Internet, particularly thanks to the proliferation of Open Data portals, spatial data warehouses, and now, ArcGIS Online making data accessible to all. Just this week, the White House has released details of the most recent analysis on national traffic fatalities and the initial findings are interesting, VERY interesting! […]