Fire Situation Awareness

Dashboards Provide Real-Time Situational Awareness About Raging Wildfires

Getting accurate, timely, and useful information and data about current emergencies like the raging wildfires in the West can be a challenge. After all, there’s many agencies including local, state, and federal governments, volunteer orgs, and other responding agencies that are all providing websites, blogs, webmaps, tweets, and other information to the public. Making sense […]


operations dashboard for arcgis

Florida Power Outages – Gain Situational Awareness with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Operations Dashboard (Beta) for ArcGIS is a powerful solution for enterprise users to provide a common view of the systems and resources you manage. Using the dashboard, the user can create intelligent, focused executive dashboards that integrate maps, charts, and graphs. Esri recently pushed out a view using the dashboard to share the status of […]