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The Full Power of Admin Tools, But on Your Infrastructure.

Admin Tools Enterprise offers the same suite of administrative tools for ArcGIS® Online but packaged for deployment on your I.T. infrastructure. It’s designed for integration with on-premises implementations of ArcGIS® Enterprise, which means streamlined Enterprise administration can now be realized behind your firewall. Take control of your enterprise today with Admin Tools Enterprise.

Because Admin Tools Enterprise requires a build custom-tailored for and professionally installed to the user’s portal environment (which is generally different for every organization), and because the build and installs are very time and resource-intensive, we do not currently offer a “trial” of Admin Tools Enterprise.

No. Admin Tools Enterprise is a separate license from Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online. One license will not provide service to both ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online.

We do not license by the number of named users. Licenses to Admin Tools are purchased by the number of owned connectors. For example, If you have separate Development, Pre-production, and Production ArcGIS organizations, and you would like to use Admin Tools Enterprise on each of those connectors for Administration, three licenses would be required.

We recommend that you use Backup My Org for your item, user, and group cloning and promotion needs. Our famous Cloning workflow has been vastly improved to allow you greater access and stability when migrating or promoting your items, users, and groups between your licensed ArcGIS® connectors in Backup My Org. Included is a smart restore wizard to assist in rewiring your items, users, and groups if there is missing information on the destination.

Admin Tools Enterprise currently works in Windows Server (2016 or higher) running IIS. Any typical Windows server used as a web server should have enough RAM, Disk space, CPUs, etc. to run Admin Tools Enterprise. Admin Tools Enterprise is run via a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge.


Using Admin Tools Enterprise on-premises doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t use ArcGIS® Online too. To support these hybrid environments, Admin Tools Enterprise can connect to both ArcGIS® Online and ArcGIS® Enterprise instances.


The full power of the ArcGIS® platform on your infrastructure is in high demand. Rest assured that your Enterprise administration needs will be met as well. Admin Tools Enterprise is installed on your web servers that reside on your private network.


Enterprise integration is a top priority for users, so it is for Admin Tools as well. If not already, full support is coming soon for tight integration with your security configurations, such as enterprise identity stores, single sign-on, LDAP and PKI.


As your ArcGIS® Enterprise instances scale, so will Admin Tools. Special volume pricing allows you to support your internal administration needs while realizing per-unit cost savings.

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