Admin Tools 2.0 is Here

New Look, New Feel, New Features

Since 2015, Admin Tools for ArcGIS has represented GEO Jobe’s flagship product by providing streamlined workflows and performing operations in bulk to assist ArcGIS Administrators with their items, users, and groups. Over the years, feedback from the community as well as the introduction of new item types and various updates from Esri have contributed to this toolset evolving to what it is today. With over 80 tools to manage an ArcGIS Organization’s content, it’s no wonder why it’s the highest-rated application on the ArcGIS Marketplace year after year.

Now, in 2022 Admin Tools sees a major update with version 2.0. Immediately, the first thing that can be noticed is the new, cleaner look to the tools, and a more modern UI design.

New User Interface of Admin Tools 2.0

Additionally, there have been numerous changes to the quality of life aspects of the tools. You can now mark tools as favorites for quick access to your most common needs. There are also options to favorite a specific set of filters to get to the content you frequently want more quickly.

Caching in Admin Tools has also been completely reworked, and should be able to handle volumes of items thanks to the pre-caching you’ll see on the home page.

Admin Tools 2.0 also comes with some new tools, as well. Users can now generate or edit their Organization’s items summaries in bulk with the new Update Items Summary tool. Enabling or disabling export data for items in bulk can now be performed with the new Update Export Data for Feature Layers tool. Group delete protection settings can now be applied in bulk with the Update Groups Delete Protection tool. And on top of these new tools, Admin Tools 2 comes with plenty of bug fixes and stability improvements.

A major change we also felt was necessary was to make the decision to remove the Cloning workflow from the Admin Tools. For years, Admin Tools cloning has represented a major solution for our users to migrate content from one Organization to another. However, it was originally only intended for moving a single item from one organization to another here and there. We realized that the popularity of the cloning workflow as a solution resulted in some unintended heavy lifting with many ArcGIS Organizations out there that needed to do major migration projects. With the increase of new and complex item types from Esri over the years, as well as the growth of GIS (and GIS data) since Admin Tools was first created, GEO Jobe recognized that the growing dependency and need for migrating volumes of ArcGIS Content had to be addressed, and the best way to accomplish this was to dedicate this operation into a new application designed from the ground-up. Backup My Org should now be the application of choice for custom backups, restoration, and migration of ArcGIS items, users, and groups. However, be assured Admin Tools will continue to serve the philosophy of streamlining and performing bulk operations in ArcGIS when it comes to day-to-day administration.

The best part of all this is that the update to version 2.0 comes at no extra cost beyond the original subscription. If you are a current user of Admin Tools for your ArcGIS Online connector, this update has been automatic, and you should already have access when signing in. If you have Admin Tools for your ArcGIS Enterprise connector, and you’re interested in upgrading to the latest and greatest version, please reach out to us at

Head of Customer Support