GEO Jobe Connecting With GIS Professionals, Admin Tools Users, and the ArcGIS Online Community

We realize here at Geo Jobe that supporting our customers, users, and the ArcGIS Online user community at large is a great responsibility and something we take quite seriously and are proud of. We’ve developed a number of useful resources to connect with and support our community. We share some of these below and hope you will find them useful in your job.

In this day of constant connectivity, dependence on mobile, social media, and the desire for real-time information, it means that there are many outlets and many choices for connecting with and engaging with the community. We regularly create and share content focused on ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online, Admin Tools, the geo cloud, UAV technology and other related, supporting topics. Perhaps the most obvious way for us to share this content is right here on our MapThis blog. But there’s much more than reading blog articles. The following are other ways you can choose to follow, connect, engage, and interact with us and our growing community of GIS professionals and mapping enthusiasts:

Knowledge Base (KBase)

Blake Bilbo, our Head of Customer Support, works with teams across the company with a focus on providing technical support for our international user base and ensuring client success. Blake is the voice and knowledge behind the support chat line, the name behind the support emails, and responsible for helping create a great experience for all our customers and application users.  Blake is also the one behind our Knowledge Base(Kbase) – a support tool for our Admin Tools users. Using the KBase, users will find FAQs, technical documentation, how to articles, troubleshooting tips, and more. When users (and would-be users) of Admin Tools reach out to us with questions, feature requests, and other comments, solutions to commonly asked topics are documented and archived here in the KBase. ArcGIS Online users who are curious about things like, what is cloning in Admin Tools and is it for me? or how do I change from HTTP to https in my webmap? will find answers here in the KBase. There’s also many tips and tricks here for the ArcGIS Online user at large, like, “how do I optimize my web app’s performance?” The KBase is a great information resource for anyone!  Visit the GEO Jobe Knowledge Base


Chat with Geo Jobe Support

If you visit the website take a look in the lower-right region of any page. Do you see a little “Live Chat” floating icon? This enables you to easily connect with a Geo Jobe team member, usually you’ll get Blake on the line and you can ask him about any of our supported products (Admin Tools, Mapfolio, Geo Powered Cloud) or about our related services (custom ArcGIS implementation, design, cloud hosting, UAV data capture projects and more). If Blake isn’s available to chat you can always click the “Contact Us” link (upper right navigation) and our team WILL get back to you promptly, we guarantee it!

GEO Jobe, Welcomes Blake Bilbo to Role as Jr Solution Engineer

Monthly Geo Jobe MapThis Newsletter

Once a month, typically the last week of the month, we distribute a short, friendly, and informative newsletter via email. No marketing, no sales, no pushy messages, rather, we share the most interesting and most popular articles that have appeared on our blog over the past month. This is a great way to stay informed about our product updates and the latest GIS industry innovations. More about the newsletter HERE

MapThis newsletter from Geo Jobe

Connect With us on Social Media

Social Media is a crucial component, enabling us to connect and engage with colleagues, clients, and the GIS / Mapping community at large. We participate in all the major networks, sharing updates, tips, tricks, and valuable industry information and educational resources. On Twitter and Instagram, you can find us @geojobegis and our UAV services team is busy @geojobeuav. We maintain Facebook pages for our GIS and UAV interests as well, these pages are typically updated once a day with something you’ll hopefully find useful. We can be found on LinkedIn where we have 2 company home pages (GIS and UAV services) and also manage a community page for our Admin Tools user base. Find links and descriptions of ALL our social media channels HERE.

geo jobe social media

Meet Us in Person!

When possible we love connecting with our colleagues, clients, and users face to face. At various times of the year, our team members hit the road and take in events and conferences. You can usually find us at the annual ESRIUC, the EPC, and DevSummit – these are great opportunities to chat about technology, ask us a question, or even hit us up for a cool and stylish MapThis T-shirt! Time and business permitting, we also try to get to various regional and local events, meetups and conferences. Hopefully, we’ll have a face to face with you real soon!

meet us in person

ESRI Community Channels

As an Esri Silver Business Partner, you can also connect with us via various Esri Community channels. This includes Geonet, the Partner Portal, ArcGIS Online, and other official Esri supported community forums and outlets. Searching “geo jobe” on these channels will help you to locate us.

geo jobe arcgis online

The MapThis Blog

You found this article, so we assume you are well familiar with this blog – we refer to it as the “MapThis blog”. We share daily (almost) updates and articles that touch on all things of interest to us here at Geo Jobe and to the ArcGIS & ArcGIS Online user community. We also periodically share tips and commentary that touch on technologies of interest to us and our business solutions, these include cloud technology, web maps, UAV and drone technology, cartography, geography, social media, GIS in education and more. You’ll notice that the common element here is Geography, GIS, ArcGIS Online, and Maps – hence the “MapThis” focus. A tip, check out the #mapthis hashtag on your favorite social media channel and chances are good you’ll find something of interest from us.

GEOspatial Evangelist & CMO

Geographer, GIS professional, writer, and fan of all things mobile.

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