Managing Services with con terra’s security.manager NEXT: Smarter, Easier, and More Secure

Smarter, Easier, and More Secure

When providing features through services in ArcGIS Enterprise, you may need to limit visible data for users or groups with different security levels or require only specific geographic extents. con terra‘s security.manager NEXT is an excellent solution that extends ArcGIS Enterprise, and now stand alone ArcGIS Server, to provide fine grained access control to data using a single Feature Service.

Why should you use security.manager NEXT?

If you are a publisher in the Enterprise environment managing various levels of access and extents, then you have likely published multiple services using the same data. This method of creating multiple services based on security access or data subsets is time consuming and duplicates resources. If you are looking to implement fine grained access control without duplicating services, then you should explore security.manager NEXT to make your workflows smarter, easier, and more secure.

Using security.manager NEXT gives you the ability to filter data based on users, groups, features, and fields. With the ability to filter data to your users, you are able to provide content based on user needs and protect sensitive data by adding policies that restrict access to geospatial extents, fields, or layers. Instead of producing separate services for each user group, security.manager can utilize a single service to filter access across users and groups. This data management method helps reduce the efforts and resources required to serve different content as subsets of one service based on need. 

How does it work?

The security.manager NEXT use case scenario in the video above accesses a Feature Service of the US Power Network that includes Power Plants, Electricity Substations, and Electricity Transmission Lines. There are four users, each needing only certain layers and filtered subsets of the data. This demonstration provides a typical example of how security.manager NEXT can efficiently filter data based on need without duplicating services.

What’s New in v.1.2.2

The recent update of security.manager NEXT to v.1.2.2 provides some exciting new features. This new release is able to extend a stand alone ArcGIS Server and no longer requires the full Enterprise environment, including Portal. Projects can be managed in Groups, and with each user assigned to a project, Groups can now be assigned different policies depending on their unique data requirements, further streamlining data management. Version 1.2.2 also supports the OpenGIS Web Map Service Interface Standard (WMS) when activated in a Feature Service, providing secure access for those needing access while using OpenGIS applications. These new features provide a broad environment for controlling data access and significantly increase the efficiency of data management and workflows.

Group policy restriction example for Power Transmission Lines

con terra’s security.manager NEXT extends ArcGIS Enterprise using a single service to deliver personalized content to each user group. It saves costs and efforts through more efficient use of time, increases security through well-defined access rights management, and has been a mature and widely accepted solution in the market for over 15 years. For more information about security.manager NEXT, use the request info links at the bottom of the page found here.

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