Clean My Org 1.4.1 Update

What’s new in 1.4.1?

CleanMyOrg has a brand new update available with some exciting features and improvements. In CleanMyOrg 1.4.1, we have some new scans to check proper naming conventions in service fields and some collaboration scans that can help organizations trying to sync users across collaboration groups. We also have several improvements and bug fixes packed into the update, so let’s take a look at what’s new.

New and Improved Item Scans

New Scans and Improvements

Item Scan: Service fields with improper naming conventions

This scan can help filter out any names that could be an issue with applications or situations that require traditional field names. This scan allows you to filter for fields with greater than 13 characters, invalid characters, and fields that do not start with a letter. These checks are toggleable so that you can receive only the desired filtered results.

Invalid Fields Options

New User Collaboration Scans

We have two new scans that can help determine if your collaboration group users are synced across organizations. “Users on destination collaboration group that are not in host collaboration group” and “Users on host collaboration group that are not in destination collaboration group” will help generate reports if users are not found in either the host or destination collaboration group.

New Collaboration Scans

Web Maps with Broken References can now filter out layers with 0 records from results

An improvement to the Web Maps with Broken References tool is the ability to filter out layers with 0 records from the scan results. This will help limit false flags in issue reporting where services may intentionally have 0 records or is not an issue that needs a fix.

New Web Maps with Broken References Options

Bug Fixes

  • User Filter: Role displaying name instead of role ID now
  • Scheduled Scan: Have/Have not setting for user login setting now saves
  • Mass notify now clears previous notification
  • Fix for issues causing collaboration scans not to resolve
  • Installation .bat file fixes for creating, editing and deleting the CleanMyOrg service
  • Fix for getOwnerFolders causing failed scan
  • Fix for issue with public/private service scan
  • Fix for scan timeouts during some scans

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Steven McCall, Application Developer

Steven McCall is the Director of Products at GEO Jobe.