Clean My Org – Make Searching Within your ArcGIS Organization Simple and Stress-Free

X, C, V. These three little keys on your keyboard usually make our lives easier when combined with the Control key to cut, copy and paste, respectively. However, there can be times when it can result in confusion, and possible chaos. Take for example the following scenario, and how it can be remedied with simple organizational scans with Clean My Org for ArcGIS:

Simon works in your GIS Department. He has been tasked with updating all the field names in various maps and services from one value to another, new value. This has been going great so far, when Simon suddenly receives a message from a co-worker on his computer asking for the phone number of that pizza place he ordered from yesterday. He pulls the number from their website, and also recommends his favorite pizza toppings (mushrooms and jelly beans), then returns to work, replacing those field names with repetitive pasting. After an hour, he’s finished…or so he thought.

The next day, Simon’s administrator asks about a strange 7-digit string to some field names in their data. After thinking about it for a second, Simon’s stomach sinks and he realizes that he accidentally pasted the number from the pizza place instead of the new field name that it was supposed to be replaced with! What’s worse, is that he has no idea how many times he did it and which services it was done to!

Fortunately, Simon’s office has Clean My Org for ArcGIS!

Quickly, the ArcGIS Administrator in Simon’s office is on it. All they need to do is turn on one scan option, add the 7-digit string to the search field, and run an on-demand scan against their ArcGIS Organization!

In a few minutes, the search is complete and Clean My Org has found all the Maps and services with the phone number incorrectly added as a field name.

All of the identified issues are added to Scan History in the Clean My Org application. For this particular scan type, the resolution options for these results are: 

  1. Notify a user about this issue 
  2. Whitelist the result from future scans
  3. Delete the item entirely

The ArcGIS administrator needs to send this info back to Simon, so he selects “Notify.”

Simon’s Email address is added to the notification page, along with a note to make the fix so that he can be sent all the services with the issue to update the field names to the correct value:

The email is on its way, and Simon now knows exactly what to fix! He replaces the field names that had the phone number with the proper field name values, and everything is back in order.

This is a fictional scenario that illustrates just one of the many capabilities that Clean My Org for ArcGIS has in regard to searching through your ArcGIS Organization’s Items, Users, and Groups for various issues or problematic content and taking action on them. In addition to on-demand scans, the administrator can setup scheduled scans to routinely maintain their ArcGIS organization. If you’re interested in maintaining policies, or looking for and fixing potential issues, please check out our Clean My Org Product Page.

Head of Customer Support