News – GEO Jobe Welcomes Blake Bilbo to Role as Jr Solution Engineer

We’re pleased to announce the latest member to our team as Blake Bilbo joins us in the role as Solution engineer. Blake brings 10+ years experience in GIS solutions including a strong background in world-class technical support, account security, airborne LiDAR surveys, and GIS Analysis to the company.

GEO Jobe, Welcomes Blake Bilbo to Role as Jr Solution Engineer

Blake comes to GEO Jobe with over 10 years of experience in GIS. His experience also includes A strong background in world-class technical support. Blake’s past projects cover many disciplines, including teaching, customer support and account security, airborne LiDAR surveys for the National Coastal Mapping Program, supporting the Army Corps of Engineers, analysis of 3D satellite imagery, performing aeronautical chart maintenance, and creating custom augmented reality experiences for geographic surveys.

Prior to joining GEO Jobe, Blake was a Technical Support Advisor for Xerox and Apple, a GIS Analyst for various companies, as well as an English Teacher in Ishinomaki, Japan.

“We are extremely excited to have Blake joining our team. As our user base grows, taking care of those clients is a critical part of overall company and product success. Blake brings a great mix of advanced technical support experience with GIS weaved throughout. This is exactly what we need and we’re excited for his leadership in taking our support system to the next level.” said Jeremy Weber, VP GEO Jobe.

Welcome to the team Blake!

See the official news announcement on the PRlog newswire.

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