Fort Hill Natural Gas Authority

Fort Hill Natural Gas Authority (FHNGA), a nonprofit, tax-exempt entity, distributes natural gas to parts of South Carolina.

THE CHALLENGE: Changes in federal utilities regulations required FHNGA to show improvements throughout its operating systems with historical data. To track annual inspections and maintenance issues, FHNGA wanted an advanced GIS that could pull up the complete historical data on a particular asset.

THE SOLUTION: FHNGA adopted the full Esri® platform including ArcGIS® for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server, ArcGIS Online, Collector for ArcGIS and Explorer for ArcGIS apps. Onto this platform, FHNGA added three GEO Jobe solutions: GEOPowered Cloud, AutoExchange Cloud Sync, and ArcGIS Online Launch.

Neill Jobe is the Founder & CEO of GEO Jobe. Follow him on Twitter: @neilljobe