GeoMarvel, Esri Startup Program Support

In 2016 GeoMarvel joined the Esri small business startup program and subsequently developed MapLapse, a cutting-edge application using critical technologies to solve a real world problem. MapLapse is a professional tool to look into any landcover or land use change genre.

THE CHALLENGE: Maplapse has been growing steadily in functionality and use, however, there was a need for an integration with ArcGIS Online. The solution was required to be made available to users via the ArcGIS marketplace via a free, trial version and a Professional, for sale version

THE SOLUTION: GEO Jobe provided the experience and expertise that enabled MapLapse to be made available to all users of ArcGIS Online via the ArcGIS Marketplace to allow for trial periods as well as subscription services to the application.

GEOspatial Evangelist & CMO

Geographer, GIS professional, writer, and fan of all things mobile.