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In 2015 Mapillary joined the Esri small business startup program. Mapillary has grown in use over the years and is now accessible to hundreds of thousands of user of ArcGIS Online

THE CHALLENGE: Mapillary has been growing steadily, however, there was a need for an integration with ArcGIS Online to enable users to add, edit, and manage features within ArcGIS. The solution was required to be made available to users via the ArcGIS marketplace.

THE SOLUTION: An interface that is familiar and intuitive in workflow to GIS professionals who typically work with the ArcGIS Platform. The collaboration between GEO Jobe and Mapillary has served to increase interest in Mapillary as well as offer valuable new functions to ArcGIS Online users.

GEOspatial Evangelist & CMO

Geographer, GIS professional, writer, and fan of all things mobile.