Admin Tools Update 1.7

What’s New in 1.7? Admin Tools version 1.7 brings a huge amount of new tools, improvements, and bug fixes to make the application better than ever. We have some new tools available for modifying your web maps in bulk, including tools for adding and removing layers from web maps, deleting duplicate services in web maps, […]


Admin Tools 1.6 and High Volume Mode

Massive amounts of Items, Groups, and Users in Your Organization? No Problem! ArcGIS Administrators from over 6,000 organizations worldwide have come to depend on Admin Tools for ArcGIS for its simple user interface as well as other essential features, including performing bulk operations across items, users, and groups, viewing item dependencies, and migrating content from […]


Admin Tools

Migrate Users in ArcGIS Online or Portal to Active Directory Users

Are you looking to configure your ArcGIS portal with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) soon? Well, when configuring your portal to use ADFS, the process creates new ArcGIS Online or Portal users for the desired users within the active directory user store. When this happens, you are left with new users without information or content. So, how can you reassign all […]