social media content strategy

Building a Social Media Content Strategy, Social Sharing Platforms, Scheduling, and Best Times to Share

Which Platform and When… Blogging, Tweeting, video, social media or? You may be wondering, which would be better for my business – blogging, social bookmarking, video or a social media? A darned good question, particularly as all have a purpose, a time, a place, as well as their own advantages and disadvantages. So, which is […]


Social Media is Increasingly Integrated into Webmaps, Data Analysis, Analytics and Visualizations

The NGA isn’t the only public agency augmenting their data analysis efforts, analysis and mapping with the inclusion of public social media feeds. There are many ways that real-time public data via the crowd, secured from social media, can augment data analysis, mapping and decision making (Example, just search the 400,000 Esri Story Maps, many […]


Empowering The Science of Where through Partnerships; Esri 360 Video, Esri Startup GeoMarvel & Esri Partner GEO Jobe

Recently, we were fortunate enough to connect with the Esri 360 team at DevSummit to sit down and discuss a strategic partnership that Geo Jobe has nurtured with GeoMarvel, an Esri startup program member company. We share our outlook on The Science of Where, strategies and benefits of partnerships, going to market with ArcGIS technology, […]