COO, David Hansen of GEO Jobe to be a Keynote Speaker at GIS at the Rockies

Join David on September 18th at 1:00pm in Denver, Colorado to hear his thoughts on Professional Adaptation to Change in Geospatial Technology with a Q&A to follow.

Summary: Geospatial technology continues to advance. What once took professional expertise has now become commonplace and second nature for our end-users. Individuals are now capable of generating massive amounts of geospatial data both as consumers and as subject matter experts. As a result, we must adapt as professionals to better serve our end-users.

David Hansen, COO

Mr. David Hansen is the Chief Operating Officer of GEO Jobe GIS Consulting and Director of GEO Jobe’s Center for Research and Engineering. Both David and GEO Jobe have been the recipient of many awards for the advancement of geospatial technologies. David began to study the geospatial field at the age of fifteen while participating in a pilot program for a curriculum geared toward teaching GIS to high school students. Since that time David has attained multiple degrees in GIS and related technology. David is often a guest speaker at conferences and universities around the country on the subjects of data science, machine learning, and the future of geospatial technologies.

About GIS in the Rockies

GIS in the Rockies is the Rocky Mountain West’s premier geospatial information and technology conference. The conference offers opportunities for industry professionals to learn more about geospatial technology issues and business-centric strategies supporting every vertical market touched by the geospatial industry.

“It is always a pleasure to engage and share with the geospatial community. I can’t wait to discuss the history and the future of our industry with my geospatial peers in the Rockies region.” – David Hansen, GEO Jobe COO

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