Q&A With Christian Patton, Application Developer

Here is a short Q & A with Application Developer, Christian Patton. Christian joined the GEO Jobe team in November of 2021 and works out of the Gulfport Mississippi headquarters.

Q: What is your job at GEO Jobe, and what does it entail?
A: At GEO Jobe, I’m an Application Developer on the Professional Services team. My job entails developing software such as GIS applications, scripts, or tools to provide our clients with custom software solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Q: What has your career path at GEO Jobe looked like and what attracted you to join the team?
A: Before GEO Jobe, my resume was heavily oriented towards that of an IT specialist, but I’ve always had a passion for software development specifically. GEO Jobe was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up to begin my career in software development alongside well-versed developers. 

Q: What jobs and experiences have led you to your present position?
A: Previously, I worked as an IT specialist doing some minor software development. That job allowed me to begin practicing some of the main skills that I’d require for my current position at GEO Jobe.

Q: What particular skills or talents are most essential to be effective in your job?
A: Time management, critical thinking, and fluidity.

Q: Any advice for recent graduates entering into the job market and aspiring to a similar role?
A: I’d say taking the time to understand how to pick up new concepts and integrate them with others seamlessly is an important part of this industry. Post graduation is a great time to test your ability in this skill by producing a portfolio of projects that employers can view to determine your transferable skills and the ones you’ve had to pick up on the fly.

Q: What technologies and strategies do you use in your day-to-day work that are key to success?
A: VS Code is my number one choice for an IDE considering its lightweight design and adjustability for any project. ArcGIS Pro is important for visualizing the analysis that may take place for a given python project. Python is the main programming language I use on a day to day basis.

Q: What would you like to learn more about or incorporate into your daily work?
A: I’m currently oriented towards web technologies and I believe picking up mobile development would definitely be beneficial for cross platform development needs. I can see having a python backend for GIS analysis on mobile applications would be very beneficial, so understanding the mobile development world would be a great starting point.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Q: On a more personal side, do you have a favorite newspaper, magazine, blog, or sources of inspiration?
A: I actually don’t have a specific source I go for inspiration. I learn a lot through youtube from any concept I may find fascinating. For example, Fireship is a youtube channel I watch to keep me up to date with new technologies that are being utilized in software development. 

Q: What kind of technology do you prefer and why? (Mac or PC, iOS or Android, and other cool tech)
A: I’m very well on both sides of this question. For development and heavy processing application purposes I prefer PC, but as far as aesthetics I prefer Apple with Mac and iOS.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?
A: Outside of the office, I enjoy binge watching my favorite TV shows, fitness, and studying/learning new concepts. I’d say I’m addicted to progress, so I’m consistently looking to do something that is improving me or others around me. As I mentioned binging tv shows, that is definitely being multitasked.

To connect with Christian directly or any of our other team members, please reach out at connect@geo-jobe.com

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