Esri Silver Business Partner, GEO Jobe, Announces Clean My Organization

With Clean My Organization, administrators can manage their portal or ArcGIS Online organization to identify a variety of issues, either on demand or via scheduled scans

GEO Jobe is pleased to announce the launch of Clean My Organization (CleanMyOrg). GEO Jobe has been recognized by Esri as a Release Ready Specialty Partner – the latest designation for the Esri Partner Network.

CleanMyOrg is an application that can run as a service on ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online. It has many purposes, including scanning your platform, identifying under-utilized items, users, and groups that take up space in your organization. As well, it can find resolutions for broken or unneeded content to remedy the situation. CleanMyOrg is for any organizations that use ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online that want to clean and organize their ArcGIS platform.

CleanMyOrg will:

• Declutter, organize and improve performance of the organization.
• Find and remove orphaned items, so that you can clean up the organization.
• Find and remove items with specific tag characteristics.
• Find and resolve issues with specific users.
• Find and resolve issues with specific groups.
• Find items not accessed and users that have not logged in for a configurable amount of time.

After CleanMyOrg has finished a scan, it will generate a customized list of issues and notify the individuals that have been designated to be informed of the results by email. The organization will always have the option to whitelist an issue so that it is not flagged in the future. If an item, group or user isn’t whitelisted, you will be able to delete the unneeded element or fix the issue to correct the problem.

CleanMyOrg will be available for purchase March, 11th through the ArcGIS Marketplace and directly from GEO Jobe.

“Over the last several years GEO Jobe has listened to our users. I am very pleased to announce the release of Clean My Org, which is a direct result of community feedback. This product shows so much potential to empower those that have embraced the Web GIS paradigm with a new toolset for taking control of their organization. ”  David Hansen, COO, GEO Jobe

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